Update: Disruption to KlubPro’s interface to Facebook Pages and Facebook Messenger

4th March 2019

Many of you will be aware that since the Cambridge Analytica data scandal came to light in early 2018 Facebook immediately imposed an audit and approval process on all third party applications, past and present, which interface directly with Facebook functionality. KlubPro is one of the tens of thousands of third party application developers who have been unavoidably subjected to this approval process. It’s proving to be a lengthy process and like many of our industry peers, we’ve had no alternative but to temporarily disable some functionality in KlubPro (e.g. where we post graphic images directly from KlubPro to your club’s Facebook Page, and where we communicate automatically with your players via Facebook Messenger regarding their availability from KlubPro) until such time as we receive final approval from Facebook. We don’t have any firm dates as yet but we’re at the last hurdle now so hopefully we can return to business as usual very shortly. As soon as this happens we’ll flip the switch at our end and KlubPro will automatically make these Facebook interface features immediately available to you.

We very much appreciate your patience on this matter. We’ve gone to great lengths to provide rich workarounds which we trust will minimise any inconvenience. Nevertheless, please accept our sincere apologies for this temporary, unavoidable disruption to services.