KlubPro organises players by squads and presents all relevant player information at a selector's fingertips. A Selector is supported in the Team Selection function by a comprehensive squad filtering function, player search and selection criteria, up-to-the-minute player availability status (including injury and suspension status), and a simple Player Position Rating (PPR) guidance system. 

Selectors build their teams in an intuitive, highly visual way, by dragging and dropping players to select, de-select and move players into desired positions on a pitch map. 

KlubPro allows you to organise your players into squads, and record each player's preferred playing positions and skills. At selection time, KlubPro compares a player's preferred positions to the position he is being selected into and provides a Player Position Rating (PPR) using a simple traffic-light based (green, orange or red) system to indicate the suitability of a player in a current formation.


The Football (Association Football) example below shows how you can select players from squads based on their specialist role. You can also Drag and Drop players around on the pitch match into your preferred formation. KlubPro supports a comprehensive variety of well-known team formations and also allows you to create and save your own custom formations for re-use. Instantly see which players are available or unavailable for selection. Search for players by name or filter players by squad, position or availability. During the selection process KlubPro provides you with a visual, colour-coded guidance (traffic light system) as to the suitability of a player being considered for a position.

In summary, KlubPro transforms the essential and often time consuming task of team selection to an automated, intelligent, efficient, and cooperative process. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.51.03 am.png

Managers can view each other's teams progressively being built throughout the weekly cycle of selection.

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In the Cricket example below KlubPro allows a selector to pick his team in batting order sequence on the left hand side of the screen. The PPR icon to the left hand side of the player indicates the suitability of the player for the batting position they are selected in, based on his specialist role recorded on file. Each player having a green icon next to their name suggests that all players are well suited to their batting position. As players are selected in the team, the view on the right hand side of the screen displays the team organised by player specialist skills, providing the selector with an alternative view and and quick way to visually assess the balance of his team based on specialist roles e.g. Batsman, All Rounder, Wicketkeeper Batsman, Wicketkeeper or Bowler. In this example there are potential too few genuine Batsman, and perhaps too many All Rounders selected for this team to be regarded as well-balanced.

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