We know that being on top of the availability of all players in your club on a weekly basis can mean tens, if not hundreds of phone calls, emails and instant messages between players, captains and managers every week. We also know that for people/players with busy lives, things can change suddenly (and sometimes at the very last minute...just before the start of a match). Being unable to confirm the availability of some players can be really frustrating, and can undermine a smooth team selection process. Sudden changes in a player's availability can also potentially have knock-on effects which reverberate through multiple teams in your club. It can be a headache for team managers and captains. It's also the weekly reality of amateur sporting clubs.

KlubPro's mission is be the tool which keeps your club in control of the situation, immediately informing all selectors of the availability changes as they occur, placing the latest player information at your fingertips, and providing your selectors and team management with all the information they need to quickly and seamlessly make the changes required and ensure that your teams get on to the park with a minimum of fuss, time and effort.

We know from bitter personal experience that it can be really difficult to get players to respond to those weekly emails enquiring about their availability, particularly as the season progresses.

At KlubPro, our preferred way to engage with your players and members is to leverage the tools which many people today rely heavily on for much of their instant messaging communications. We use Facebook Messenger as our communications channel to communicate directly with players and members by using simple, automated, chatbots to work on your behalf and perform a number of services including enquiring about player availability and notifying players of their selection, to name a few. You can even attach documents outlining the game plan with your communications. Your club can send out broadcast messages to all members, or perhaps just a group of players, on any topic you like.

We're confident that KlubPro will totally transform the way in which you manage and communicate with your players and members based on immediate, engaging and highly-personalised direct dialogues via Facebook Messenger. And did we mention Facebook Messenger is completely free?


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