At KlubPro we recognise the absolutely essential, often thankless role which club sponsors play in ensuring that clubs survive to be able to offer highly valuable community services. We understand it because we've been club sportsman, captains, team managers and club officers all our lives. For many clubs it's a constant struggle to secure the necessary funds through sponsorship, year in, year out. Typically, club sponsors are current or ex-players who have small businesses, or businesses with some association to the club, who want to give something back to their local community. Their sponsorship is often a generous donation, with little or no expectation of ever realising a commercial return on their financial support.   

A passionate objective of KlubPro is to leverage the potential benefits of the expanded reach and engagement that your new, professional-looking club content is likely to achieve on social media and allow you to share this benefit with your sponsors. KlubPro achieves this for your club by automatically generating your sponsor's logo into your social media posts and tagging both your sponsors and the players featured in the post. 

By professionally promoting your club's sponsors in your social media communications KlubPro can dramatically increase your club's sponsorship value proposition to its supporters. 

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