KlubPro is an online service that enables clubs to perform highly effective player communication and availability management through social media messaging, pro-level graphical team selection, and enhanced club engagement with players, members, sponsors and the community through the automatic generation of rich, graphical content which is seamlessly shared through social media platforms.

KlubPro will support the major sporting codes such as Cricket, Football (Association Football), Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby Union, Rugby League, Hockey and Netball.

Sporting club officials access KlubPro from any device (computer, smart phone or tablet) to manage club information such as player profiles, player availability, squads and team selection. KlubPro automatically generates high-quality graphical images based on fixtures, team Selections, match results and player achievements which are immediately ready to be posted to social media. KlubPro can be branded to the club’s colours and logos and sponsor logos can be automatically included in all graphical content.

KlubPro integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook to communicate with players, non-playing members, club sponsors and the wider community.


At KlubPro we recognise that amateur sporting clubs are mostly managed and administered by tireless volunteers who provide countless hours of valuable service in their spare time. Clubs generally have limited funding and rely on membership fees, fundraising activities and the generosity of their sponsors, who effectively make charitable donations to their favourite, local sporting club and often receive very little in return (in terms of measurable, commercial return for their financial support). These members do it because they love their game and their club and they want to see their club thrive for the benefit of their friends, family and local community.

Players and club members in general, like most of us today, are busy people who are constantly being bombarded with emails, instant messages and social media content. It's a big challenge for sports clubs to gain and retain the attention of their members with information regarding team selections, match fixtures, results, match reports and other items of interest.

Club officials aspire to do all of these things successfully but often fall short due to the sheer amount of time it takes to chase players and confirm their availability each week. It's not easy finding time to collate the materials required to design and compile up-to-date content to publish. Not every club has the benefit of willing volunteers who are proficient in the complex tools required to create professional-looking graphical content. Finally, most of us know how to upload a selfie but achieving ongoing, effective social media reach and engagement can be a really daunting task.

KlubPro addresses all of these challenges and provides a simple, modern tool for non-technical, busy club officials. It will totally transform the way that your club:

  • Manages player availability

  • Selects its teams

  • Communicates directly with members via Facebook Messenger

  • Generates a range of highly-professional, engaging graphical content and shares the same to your social media pages

  • Increases the value proposition of your club’s sponsorship package to your financial supporters