In the majority of cases, the origin of a great idea comes from trying to solve a real problem. This is precisely where KlubPro began. It all started when we were trying to improve the relevance and quality of social media content for an amateur Australian cricket club. Just for fun we started manually creating professional-looking team lineups which player head-shot and producing match summaries graphics - the kind you’d see on TV. We posted these images to our club’s Facebook page. The impact of this improved content was powerful and engaging. It ended up being so successful that we decided to take the concept back to the drawing board to see if we could develop something that users without any specialist technical skills could use and all clubs could benefit from.

As we discussed our ideas with experienced folk across the various sporting codes a clear picture of the common challenges faced by most clubs involved in team-based sports began to emerge, namely:

  • managing player availability;

  • communicating with players;

  • efficiently selecting teams;

  • creating engaging and professional-looking graphical content to keep members engaged;

  • actively promoting sponsors.

And so, KlubPro was conceived to support all mainstream sporting codes, in any country. The KlubPro platform has been developed as an online service on a scalable, secure, software platform and is accessible on any device.