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KlubPro is a new, simple and affordable online service for any football club enabling you to:

  • Track player availability

  • Easily and intelligently select your teams (think Football Manager)

  • Automatically generate pro-level graphics ready for posting to your club's Social Media pages

  • Actively promote your club's sponsors

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Check out KlubPro’s Features

TRACK Player Availability

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Spreadsheets are so last century. Spare your selectors from the hundreds of weekly phone calls, emails and text messages chasing player availability. Manage availability centrally and have that information at your fingertips when selecting teams. KlubPro relieves volunteer fatigue.


Intelligent Team Selection

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Select players from squads based on their specialist role. Drag and Drop players around on the pitch match into your desired formation. You can even save and re-use custom formations. Instantly see which players are available or unavailable for selection. Search for players by name or filter players by squad, position or availability. KlubPro's Player Position Rating (PPR) "traffic light" based system provides visual guidance as to the suitability of players for positions.


Graphics generated for Social Media

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How many clubs have access to that Photoshop whizkid (and who has 30+ hours spare each week) to create graphics? With KlubPro you don't need that guy. KlubPro generates a suite of pixel-perfect graphics instantly so you can always have pro-level post images, ready to share with your community on Social Media. 


Sponsor Promotion

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At KlubPro we have a passionate objective to help you to prominently promote your sponsors on Social Media and hopefully significantly increase the value proposition of your club's sponsorship offering. 


Automatically generate Pro-level graphics for your club in seconds

Team Lineups

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Match Results

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Club Fixtures

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Club Results

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"We've been a KlubPro user right from the start. It saves us hours of time in tracking player availability and doing team selection and the graphics generated by KlubPro has totally transformed the club's image on Social Media. Our sponsors love KlubPro"

Tristram Fletcher, President of Applecross Cricket Club


KlubPro is available as a simple annual online subscription service. That's it. There are no other hidden costs.

Note: Price exclude GST.

Note: Price exclude GST.


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